Long and quiet hours I sit looking at the river that
turns caressing my feets in opposite way.
The waned rocks that play hide and seek among the heaps of white sand
got receded from water in nature’s dismay.
Emptiness of heart grows like a spine
that has grown in me with passing days.
Catching age, receding hairline,
I got entangled in more earthy sways.
Friends I had, friends they claim,
don’t know who stays.
At that straight horizon,
the sun that has to drown today
shall set free several ghosts; scary and unknown
that dance over the corpses of my deeds of olden days

1 thought on “Loneliness”

  1. Am not very good at articulating but the poem snatches words from my mouth so wanted to express myself a bit more on the topic.

    Guess have outgrown now and understood that if you treat yourself as a friend and care of yourself then you could extend the same to others as you would empathize with the feeling of everyone.

    What am trying to say is that I no more see it as Loneliness.

    Would await more writing on the topic.

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