Adam and Eve.

Dear Eve,
Didn’t we have bites of apple from the same forbidden tree?
We played the same silly games at Eden in our own childhood’s spree.
You always had the liking for weaving emotions of vibrant colours
that my heart was unable to comprehend more than a mere follower.
Remember I, you held to your bosom the lifeless babies of some unknown breeds,
that day, ordinary was the blue sky’s pouring
but mystifying and unfamiliar was your blue eyes’ shedding tears.
Perhaps your mildness I had taken as fearfulness.
I really got to realize your character the day you saved me from that hungry animal’s jaws,
I was baffled to see the way you had added your love, sacrifice, compassion
and a tint of smile that you bore for me to complete my life.
Undeniably we have limited time to live in this garden but unlimited life to live.
Forever Your’s Adam

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