It rains in your eyes…

It rains in your eyes 
and drizzles in my mind.
If you open the soaking lids 
even once of your eyes, 
the floodgates would open 
inside the silence of my mind.
Everything would wash away 
along the profound earth’s sway.
Nothing would remain the same 
today, tomorrow, and what is endless.
I do understand your heart wrenches, 
eyes cry without a yell,
as it makes its path from your soulful eyes 
to my accepting heart’s well,
after meandering the long forlorn paths 
of my dampened mind’s dwell.

Allow me to empty into my eyes, 
what you hold in those pair of sad eyes,
or let me sip the drops of agony and aches, 
of your beautiful moist eyes,
like one drinks the priciest of the spirits
and gets high.

Hold my hand and let’s walk some path,
the pain would ebb and so would stop the rains.
The brightest of the stars 
would dangle again, 
from the highest of the heavens.

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