It was merely a dog…

They said it was merely a dog
and has gone
don’t sob 
you ought to be down
but don’t grief 
as it was not a man.

Oh Yes, have I gone mad?
Weeping for an old grumpy dead dog 
after all who was only a dog, not a man.
They dragged him holding his collar
and threw him in some ditch.
I allowed it to happen
because it was a dog
and yes not a man.

As the dust settled 
I sat alone with that dead animal.
For the last time 
I looked at his half opened eyes
and the old furrowed face,
expecting don’t know why
he will open the eyes 
and would wag his bushy tail.
My eyes welled up with tears,
first time felt an unknown loss
and I howled like a dog
for that old friend 
who was a dog 
And yes maybe better than a Man!

1 thought on “It was merely a dog…”

  1. Beautiful & heart wrenching, dogs indeed are most loyal companion of a man. Only people who had a dog friend would understand the grief of their loss, for others it’s just a dog.

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