The glint in those eyes is not to be forever….

When I look at you, I know
the glint in those eyes is not to be forever
at least not for me, I guess so.
The laughs, the giggles, the chuckles might have a shelf life,
Have you not seen the waning moon or the ebbing tides!
The unending tender stories between us can cease one day
to be replaced by an exchange of bland smiles
beyond our realization and outside our understanding.

If it rains now, would prefer not to be a bystander anymore,
merely to watch it from the windows of my heart.
Who knows when the monsoon will break again
and if at all the clouds loom again,
whether it would be just for me, or not.
Expectations are rivers that die out
before becoming a part of the ocean.
Have you ever seen the raindrops that sit together side by side 
on the window rails and tend to get closer to each other,
or like the wanton free-floating wooden log
comes nearer to the riverbank
or simply the moon to the earth.
You may consider, we were one of them.
The parched birds that drank water from the same river
The streams of water that had a journey together 
before the eternal separation.
Eyes might well up, smarting with tears
but time heals everything, isn’t it!
Pangs will drown the heart and mind
but time heals everything, you know this.

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