You have to come.

If you don’t come, the night would wane in darkness

You know, this moon, these stars would be overlooked forever.

The roses will droop one by one in the eerie silence of the night’s garden

and what remains will be thorns and prickles between you and me

and this glittering in my eyes meant for you would fade forever.

My darling, it’s okay if you come at least concealing lies in your eyes,

fire in your breath and knife and draggers in your hands.

I would welcome you.

Come if you can, even if you smear poison on your hair, lips, neck and forehead

and more venom on your hands and body.

I promise, I would kiss you like ever.

You break, shatter or get detached,

but you can always come to me

like the rivers meander all across

and finally meets the ocean.









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