Your Kiss.

When you come near me
between my stretched arms,
the fragrance of your body will melt over me
against my bare chest; its warmth.
You carry with you a half-broken moon,
and keep the faith; I will surely surrender my world to you.
One small touch of my lips
shall open the petals of your mouth
that store the honey of sweetest beehives.
Ah, let me kiss and suck this divine sweetness for many more hours.

In the dark, the fire of our strongest desires could twinkle like fireflies,
but our deep secrets would get mantled with no traces of smoke to fly.
Let me rub my lips on your lips, to convey my feelings
like a rhymester writes his ballad
over a piece of paper with his chosen ink.
If you desire you can nibble and smear mine
with your pairs of rose petals
hued in bold red or of the colour of a matured wine.

If I kiss you now, am afraid that all night-blooming jasmines
shall shed and cover the ground out of acute shyness,
If I hug you tighter, I would not be baffled
to see the clouds start pouring in this darkest night.
And what if it happens to me that in my spell
I touch you deeper and feel you everywhere,
you will surely retract yourself like a ‘touch me not’.

Beyond this carnal pleasure,
there is a world
where we will walk together
towards that milky white moon
our fingers entwined
where our souls would be one
and bodies closer.

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