The day I will cross the threshold.

The day I will cross the threshold forever,
through the door that you always keep ajar,
might be the shadow would refrain to come along with my body.
It will linger somewhere among you, not so far,
resting amid the cacophony and tall talks 
gasping for air and sun 
clinging to the big trunks like a frail climber.
But the termites of time would nibble it,
It will chew everything,
bit by bit and bit by bit…..
It will eat with its rancid teeth and tongues
what I was for you and you were for me.
The day will arrive when I will unable to summon up your face 
and you will forget mine to the cruelty of our old age.
Somedays, I will simply not want to waste my time
thinking about you as I would have more friends.
Maybe their coffee would be sweeter and hotter
than what you used to serve me.
Maybe they would comprehend and cherish my poetry 
and kiss every sentence of it.
But you know, somewhere in some corner of my heart
and maybe in my eyes
your presence would be felt. 
Someone timeworn but yet to be forgotten
Something long left and endured but yet to be settled
Someone who was a poor master or maybe I was a pathetic servant.

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