The pride that resonates inside the head keeps it high.

A thin thread of uninterrupted  breath

seldom qualifies freedom of thine.

Freedom to me is spreading my hands wide open when it rains,

to stand tall as tall can be when fragile climber creeps for help.

It is attained while scaling new heights;

the abundance of health wealth and earthy gains.

Freedom to me is finding me inside my heart

among some pockets of quivering sentiments.

Candle of freedom kindles thousand enlightened minds.

Mere existence can never be camouflaged as to be alive,

true freedom only redolent in its level-headed exercise.

Those white determined flock of birds of me

may ask not for thine opinions to fly,

as they could not be determined by

someone’s parched insights.

Nothing matters more, my priority is I.

It is my obsession to be number one,

I aspire to be today’s best, a better version of I.

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