They speak of renaissance.

Call it renaissance or revolution,
the torch has to be passed
to the progressive generation.
Discuss they – Fine art, Science
and features of better would be Legislation.
They govern the matters of modern,
forthcoming and past.
Well-read; the reflections
of Buddha, Confucius, Socrates, and Marx.
Sometimes I feel they are true visionaries,
they would offer justice and bring makeover
to the sickle and spade handlers
and alike to the men of pen and paper.

When I enter the dragon’s mouth;
the hollow coalmine.
I could still hear them aloud;
their stirring songs of the great rebellion
as the sun shines –
we shall overcome… we shall overcome…
At the end of the daytime,
carrying my body and face of coal,
one step at a time,
with intense hope,
I reach my home.
Though my spirit starts betraying me
and takes me nowhere
like the weakening black walls of quarries
somehow, me and my faith drew together.

Over the dining plate,
with a kid’s optimism I look at her,
if I could get some more portion of plain rice,
I see empty pale appearance of her
with beautiful yet sorry downcast eyes.


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