Sit Beside Me

Put your hand on your heart and tell me candidly,
don’t you look for to be seated beside me for hours,
like the moon that sits at the cusp of the tall tree nonchalantly,
or the rain fed clouds that lowers itselves to touch the thirsty earth passionately

Am no more able to maintain a pace with the wheels of time,
that runs faster than the beats of my heart and its emotions.
The morning travellers have called me by my first name several times
before they resumed for their journey, a bit nervous and baffled.

My bleak zeal and excitements are insufficient to keep me breathing
for how many more closed and unwelcoming doors of the hearts
shall I knock for a desire of overwhelming sumptuous alms.
Now, if you place your touch on my heart, it shall pacify me and make me calm.

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