Who casts her spell on you, O poor Boy.
You eat nothing, sleep less, aloof and coy.
Eyes monstrous red, body as if decaying log.
Indeed, it’s a strong influence of a black magic
Or a looming shadow of a dead lady’s mischief

If you want this kid to return home safe and happily,
Can’t you sacrifice an animal and two sacks of rice only.
Listen you Nobleman, the Satan is very adamant and greedy,
You have to let go of that gold chain and bracelets to take him home safely.

When in the night, both the hands of that old temple clock covers each other
And when the moon seems to be full grown and visibly near,
I need to beat the imp out of this kid’s body today and forever.
You love your child and I know you will obey me for you are so enlightened and clever.

As the time approached nearer, he ate his belly full and drank till his neck,
He slayed the poor animal and smeared the head of his lord
and that of the kid with a fresh source of blood.
He yelled and danced frantically and offered some liquor to his God,
he got metamorphosed to a demi-demon with a sudden shudder of his hand.
At a count of a heartbeat he started whipping the poor boy more than thrice
He strangulated him and the poor fellow grasped for more air in that trice.

Superstition kills one’s faith in nobility in darkness of ignorance,
Quest for protecting the dear one becomes the reason for his nonexistence.
The father got blinded in hope of getting his son back to normalcy,
The poor soul finally succumbs to the hands of unchallenged cruelty.
Juvenile perished, father’s hope died, the black magic existed, existed its brutality.

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