Let’s race with Gods!

I know, everything starts with my hunger,
Hunger to be the numero-uno in every race.
And my indomitable obsession with tasting success,
every time and everywhere.
It is like a child’s insistence;
either I need everything or nothing at all.

The lion eats the slowest mover among the herd
Hence, to sustain in the race I could have chosen to be a notch faster
But to rule the roost, I need to compete with the fastest among the lions.
Thousand times, I am ready to sharpen my nails and strengthen my jaws.
The race to move ahead can’t be an one time job,
it has to run in my veins and every inch of my body
today, tomorrow and every day.
Am I ready to accept even a rank second to someone?
Ask this question to self, once and then again and again,
till your brain reels and you get the final answer.
Nobody gives you the opportunity, you need to snatch it.
Respect is not demanded, it’s earned.
Lions never get old. Lions are built to be in race forever.

Well, I would never get a perfect ground to compete my race
My race should be so perfect
that my every step embosses my name on the ground forever
If my body aches, I would listen to my heart
If my chest gasps for more air, I would slit open my lungs
If something stops, I would listen only to Gods
Only I can defeat me!

It’s my race and I have to win
It’s our race and we will win
If the world is conquered,
Am ready to race even with the Gods

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