Did you know, many a times I have tried to dive deep into your eyes
through that white submarine that floats in middle in a partial disguise.
Like an adept sea-diver I have passed the long shaft
that joins your eyes with the extreme corner of your heart.
I searched for traces of contentment, trust and may be some preserved petals of hopes
Alas, I am able to collect some strewn flowers of marigold separated from garland offered to lords.
In base of your heart, I saw that hopeful solitary boatman waiting since ages for the slack waters,
He has to sail nautical miles unaccompanied; spending several dawns and dusks before touching the shores
Also found a letter, half written and scratched; fearful of misunderstanding; away from deceits
And a discarded amputed doll, sobbing at merrymaking days spent in ancient.
At final, when I entered the mid of the heart, it was light, more light, eye filling light
that envisaged untouched, pure and indomitable soul of some primeval might.

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