If you stop liking me…

If you stop liking me, 
if you choose not to talk to me the way you used to,
I can’t do much but can only wait
like an empty boat waits on the shore of a river,
and a torrid, charred earth looks at the clouds for hours.
How a bird unable to return timely to its nest
gets drenched in the rain; waits for the downpour to stop.
And a newborn tries to convey his hunger to one and all.

Certainly I will knock at the doors of your heart
once… twice and may be some more times
and would pass by like an easterly, 
a rainfed wind of a strong monsoon
or a fleet of Siberian migratory birds 
never to come back soon.

Even if you cease to exchange words, I can't request you anymore
and can only wait to hear the soothing voice of yours again.
Don't know, I may not feel the warmth and oneness, 
and the distance of an armlength can alter 
to a lightyear gap of our hearts. 
You shall be surrounded by your friends, foes,
admirers, adversaries…laughs and cries
and varied colours and hues
but only seldom I will come to you
to bother you and be with you again….


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