My Slumber

I was in delusion when I woke up from my untimely, undesirable nap at dusk.
When I saw outside my window with my half opened eyes, I couldn’t fathom a lot.
Have I lost my control over the cycle of fast withdrawing day and unhurried expanding dark?
Holding my head between my hands, I sat unmoved as if I was an unyielding piece of dead log.
I got scared when in far, the Sun has gone downhill
leaving me in midst of haunting dark and indomitable shock.
I remorse, I would have the supremacy to hold the disappearance of the Sun, had I not slept ill-timed,
I could have kept it alive in my life, if I stayed awake like a steady rock.
Now Moon shines at a far distance in that unapproachable horizon,
Huh, only a mere reflection of my own Sun.
I know, in this play, I lost to a pal and equally to no one.

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