I want to be a river.

You want me to be like an ocean
that possesses a heart big enough
to allow the myriad rivers of emotions
to add the brine and filth
collected from every nook and corner.
You expect me to be level headed and calm
like that deep serene ocean
that never swells with anger and pride,
and seldom trespasses the limits.

But I don’t mind being a tempestuous
and indomitable river sometimes,
that surges in rains,
arrogant and incapable of concealing the emotions.
One that roars like a rebel
and destroys what comes in its path,
not to be abided by any periphery,
rules and regulations.
It expresses out what it hauls within
before settling down once more
as a nonchalantly flowing rejuvenated river.

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  1. Nice poem. It would be great if you can publish your poems in the form of Video format.

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